About Us

Trails & Shores is an outdoor themed apparel company established in 2016. We are a team of outdoor enthusiasts with professional experience in the design, print, and apparel industry. Our product is our passion. We produce the majority of our products in-house ensuring the highest quality possible.

The journey began in 2012, when founder Meade Fitzgerald had the dream to pursue making a living through his love for design - this lead to printing locally themed designs on a homemade printing press and selling these designs on a homemade vending trailer.

Along the way, Meade met some talented people who shared his passion for design, the outdoors, and quality apparel. They came together and formed the team behind Trails & Shores today. In 2017, Trails & Shores opened its first storefront in Richmond, VA. Production continues in-house. We love what we do and we hope to share our passion with you!